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Let’s rent knowledge, not only machines.

Launching 01.01.2024
In our industry of construction equipment sales and manufacturing, the primary sources of revenue typically come from equipment manufacturing, sales and rental of the machines.

We propose to expand our revenue streams by monetizing our current know-how and offering online education.

This involves creating an online "University" that can serve various stakeholders, including dealers, end users, factory workforce, international engineering society in foreign markets, and other educational organizations.

By leveraging our expertise and offering online courses, we can generate additional revenue streams for the company while providing valuable educational resources to our stakeholders.
  • Dealers

    Dealers and customers can benefit from the platform by gaining access to valuable knowledge about ground construction and piling technology, which can help them make informed decisions about their projects.
  • Factories

    The factory's own workforce can also benefit from the platform by accessing training and development resources to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Engineers

    Engineers in can benefit by gaining insights into Finnish innovation and expertise in the field.
  • Educational organizations
    Other educational organizations can benefit from the platform by accessing resources that can supplement their own educational offerings.
This online platform offers advanced training for specialists working in the field of ground construction, covering modern foundation technologies and piling methodologies.

The paid online platform is designed to provide in-depth training and customized certification on the latest techniques in the field, leveraging our know-how, and online infrastructure.

Features partners
This educational platform is a great tool for marketing and sales promotion.

Instead of investing financial state in marketing, this platform can generate revenue from sophisticated marketing efforts.

There is a significant global demand for an educational environment that caters to the construction and piling industry, including Central Asia. This initiative aims to meet this demand by providing access to the latest knowledge and industry insights. The foundation construction and piling industry have seen significant growth in recent years, leading to an increased need for upskilling and reskilling the workforce. Hence, this educational environment has the potential to benefit businesses worldwide, empowering their workforce with new skills and knowledge.
Example: Challenges in Central Asia
  • Low cost of human labor
    Due to the low cost of labor in the area, modern building technology and machine usage are being adopted gradually. The majority of workers on modern building projects are manual laborers, which results in low industrialization. New machinery are needed as soon as new construction approaches are adopted, which is both a difficulty and an opportunity.
  • Cultural mindset
    In post-Soviet countries, the responsibility for infrastructural construction, development, and architecture is outsourced to so-called "Project Development Institutes." These institutes are partially private but mainly are government entities responsible for studying and implementing all innovations that are approved as legislation and used on the job sites. As a result, construction methodologies in the Project Development Institutes of the region are old and follow post-Soviet structure. The local engineering force, due to their old age, requires a lot of education about new technologies, modern ways of ground construction, and the use of new machines.
  • Safety requirements
    The recent earthquake in Turkey has led to a surge of awareness regarding foundation construction and safety in seismic areas. In Central Asia, where the main subcontractors and builders are Turkish companies, neglect of safety requirements has led to a high level of destruction during the earthquake, tarnishing the image of these companies. This has resulted in local professionals actively seeking new solutions and knowledge to ensure the safety of their own construction projects.
  • Absence of active know-how
    In this market, there are no other competitors offering the same type of service to customers. Therefore, our online "University" will offer a unique value proposition to promote our know-how and machinery in the target markets. By providing access to the latest knowledge and industry insights, we can help local professionals stay ahead of the curve and meet the demands of the industry. This will not only benefit our business but also contribute to the overall economic growth and development of the region. With the Uzbekistan government's support and the demand for new solutions in the region, our online "University" has the potential to become a valuable resource for construction professionals in Central Asia and beyond.
  • Industrialization level
    Lower rate of technological usage in terms of machines and equipment. A lot of steps in the process are completed in an old fashion way.

All these challenges can be addressed with targeted customer education. This platform will provide a tool for customer education efforts.

  • Machinist Ltd
    Ivanna Rukin and Machinist Oy will assume complete leadership of the development of this project. Machinist will manage the production team and project management.
  • Factories
    Manufacturers such as Junttan and Movax just need continuous willing to share their knowledge, introduce it and cooperate with the production team.
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)
    Mechanical Engineering Department and mr. Antti Hänninen in the Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) are invited to help with project implementation

  • Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
    We are collaborating with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Kajaani AMK) that has recently received government funding for the development of VR and 3D technologies. This collaboration provides an opportunity for us to leverage Kajaani AMK's expertise and resources in the development of our online education platform. Kajaani AMK is open to ideas and ready to provide their resources to support for our efforts in integrating VR and 3D technologies into our platform. This collaboration can provide us with access to cutting-edge technology and expertise, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve and offer a unique and innovative learning experience for our users.

  • The Finnish government (Ministry of Education)
    The platform is supported by the Finnish government:
    1. Financially ( the country subsidizes the budget for education)
    2. Technology infrastructure
    3. Promotion at the government level, compulsory for the engineering force
  • Other foreign governments
    As a pilot project, the Uzbekistani government has already agreed to accept this platform as a mandatory tool for engineering society. It was agreed with the Ministry of Education that all engineers in the country would be required to undergo this kind of education. The Uzbekistan government recognizes the importance of investing in the education and training of its workforce, especially in the construction and piling industry, which has seen significant growth in recent years. By mandating this educational program, the government aims to ensure that Uzbekistan's workforce is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the industry.
  • Other institutions
    Other educational organizations such as universities and technical polytechnics can benefit from the platform by accessing resources that can supplement their own educational offerings.

Revenue of online educational industry
The online educational industry is a rapidly growing and lucrative market, with expected revenues of 185.19 billion USD worldwide by 2024. Our specialized industrial knowledge represents a great opportunity for a niche education business model. By leveraging online education, we can promote our machinery and technologies, generate significant revenue streams, and drive progress and innovation in the construction industry.

This platform has great potential to expand globally and become an international phenomenon as an education tool in our niche industry.


Initially, the pilot project will concentrate on consolidating the knowledge from the companies Movax and Junttan. However, the platform has all potential to eventually expand and include other Finnish companies within the field. It will be a cluster of Finnish know-how.

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